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A Universal Synthesis

The Gene Keys Transmission is a living wisdom – the Boundless Illumination of Timeless Truth. It is a synthesis of eons of sacred teachings, bridging eastern and western alchemy, stretching through time all the way to our current scientific explorations of life, physics, and epigenetics. As the heart of a new universal synthesis, The Gene Keys is an ever-expanding living holographic language.

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In the Living Library each Gene Key has an Attribute Readout Screen displaying additional archetypal codes. Each doorway is a portal into a vast field of exploration. We have aggregated the simplest distillation of each as a start. Our intention is to provide an introduction into a number of lenses that we can view the transmission of the Gene Keys through.

Click the section titles on the left hand side of the Readout Screen to learn about the Attributes currently featured.


As we enter this Age of Synthesis we are discovering a vast web of interconnections within the universe. The best way we can see the power of a wisdom like this is when we engage it together. Your engagement with the transmission is of great value to the whole. Join the Gene Keys Society and help grow the synthesis by adding your wisdom into the Living Library as you explore each Gene Key. 

In the Living Library you get to be both student and teacher..

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