The Epiphany Experience

This live course was created as a way for you to intensify your contemplative process with the Gene Keys.

The way it works is you dedicate 2 days (or a timeframe of your choice) to sow the seeds of an Epiphany in your life – a breakthrough into a higher level of awareness.

Getting Started

This Introductory Video by Richard Rudd provides an overview of the Epiphany process and offers guidance to help you get started.

You can do this course on your own or with a group. This course requires a level of focus and commitment, so choose a time to begin and once you do, devote yourself fully to the process.

Introduction Transcript (PDF)

Download File

The Epiphany Experience is designed to create the maximum impact for your life in a short space of time.

Choose a single Gene Key from your Hologenetic Profile

Choose it intuitively. Let your heart and your belly guide you to this Gene Key and once you choose it, devote yourself %100 to the process.

If you don’t yet have a Hologenetic Profile – Click Here


Download the Epiphany Invocations & Additional Audio Files

The Invocations (included in the Epiphany Experience) contain over 60 minutes of Richard Rudd’s voice mixed with inspiring music created by Entheo Music. These songs were created as a living contemplation of the Gene Keys by Theo Grace at OneDoorLand.


Epiphany Instrumentals Available (Optional)

Entheo Music has released the instrumental tracks to the Epiphany Invocations. These are great tracks to use for your own meditation and cultivation, or in groups or events. Click here to purchase

The Art of Contemplation

There is no way to know where this simple, yet profound process will take you. That’s the great unknowing that we must surrender to in our Contemplation.

An Epiphany isn’t something you can make happen. It emerges from within as you open yourself to the mystery and allow your contemplation to guide the way.

We recommend that you listen to The Art of Contemplation by Richard Rudd before you begin.

The 4 Stages of the Epiphany Experience

Once you have chosen your Gene Key you can begin this deep contemplative process.

You will start with the Shadow and move next to the Siddhi. After soaking in the highest essence of this key, you will bridge the gap by entering the Gift and completing the process with Digestion. Each section has simple guidance, an invocation, illuminations, and insights to inspire your journey. Stay with each step as long as it takes. You will know when it is time to move to the next layer of this Epiphany Experience.









Blessings on your Journey!