The Golden Path is a master genetic sequence that allows you to contemplate the Gene Keys in a personalized way, with specific Gene Keys relating to certain areas of your life.


The Golden Path is a journey of Self-Illumination. It is a path of soul, in which your daily living becomes your greatest muse. It is a path of enrichment, which at the same time trains a fierce eye upon the way you are living. It asks you to contemplate some profound and sometimes painful questions. As you tread the Golden Path, you will take a deep dive into three primary questions:


1. What is your purpose in life?

2. How fulfilling are your relationships?

3. How integrated are you into your community?

The Golden Path Program is a step by step guide to your Hologenetic Profile.

Each Online Program includes Webinars and eBook, all available to download for offline study


Part 1

The Activation Sequence

Discovering Your Genius


Part 2

The Venus Sequence

Opening Your Heart in Relationships


Part 3

The Pearl Sequence

Liberating Prosperity through Simplicity


Printed Companion Volumes Now Available

Purchase The Gene Keys Golden Path as physical printed books, now available on amazon. These are companion volumes to the Online Course, for those who prefer to study offline.

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The Gene Keys are not an easy quick-fix system that tell you what to do.

They are a deep mythic tapestry of insight, and the Golden Path Program puts the full responsibility of awakening back onto you where it belongs.