Awakening the Power of Awe in your Life

Recorded from a live 2-Day Retreat with Richard Rudd

Journey deep into the amazing wisdom of the Gene Keys to gain a rare crystal lucidity in your everyday life. Uniting the power of contemplation, illumination and discourse the Gene Keys Epiphany Experience is designed to create the maximum impact possible in your life in a short space of time.

Recorded during a live 2 day Epiphany course with Richard Rudd, you get access to these digital resources:

6 videos, supporting handouts, a recorded Q & A session, and the ‘Invocations’ audios

Featuring Music by Entheo

What is the Epiphany Experience?

“The Epiphany experience just blew my body and mind right out of the metaphorical waters! Felt like I had died. Incredible.”

-Mark Bentley

“I loved the Epiphany Invocations album for the Siddhi track. That is the one I found the most useful, it connected me with a powerful energetic source in myself and created a vivid, palpable experience.”

– Natasha Irene

The Epiphany Invocations

The Invocations (included in the Epiphany Experience) contain over 60 minutes of Richard Rudd’s voice mixed with inspiring music created by Entheo Music.

“No teacher or system can lead you to the experience of Satori,

yet these moments occur more frequently as you relax more deeply into your own inner nature.

As they become frequency, a certain deep spirit of trust begins to pervade and suffuse your being,

as though life’s mystery were awakening directly inside you.”

Gene Key 43 – Epiphany