The Gene Keys Golden Path

A Step-By-Step Guide to Your Hologenetic Profile

Each Sequence contains an eBook and Webinars explaining every step of the Golden Path. Program includes Transcripts and MP3 Audio Files for offline study.

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Part 1

The Activation Sequence

Discovering Your Genius


Part 2

The Venus Sequence

Opening Your Heart in Relationships


Part 3

The Pearl Sequence

Liberating Prosperity through Simplicity


The Epiphany Experience

Journey deep into the amazing wisdom of the Gene Keys to gain a rare crystal lucidity in your everyday life. Uniting the power of contemplation, illumination and discourse, the Gene Keys Epiphany Experience is designed to create the maximum impact possible in your life in a short space of time.

Recorded during a live 2-day Epiphany Experience with Richard Rudd.

This Experience includes the following digital resources: 6 videos, supporting handouts, a recorded Q&A session, and the “Invocations” Audio files.


The Seven Sacred Seals

The ancient teaching of the Seven Seals is a mystical transmission that invites us to transmute the karma in our daily lives with a new intensity of awareness. Each of these Seals opens us up to a celestial frequency – an aspect of an evolution far higher than ours. To invoke such powers is to court the miraculous. The Seven Seals are an invocation and a prayer – for solace and softness, for clarity and truth and above all, for the power of Grace.

Online course includes: Video Lectures, 7 Audio Invocations with Soundtrack by Entheo Music, a wealth of informational and inspirational resources.


The Ecstatics – Free Audio Series

A personal pilgrimage through the heart-lines of history

“All throughout history, the most enduring and uplifting theme to possess humanity is the theme of love. All our trials, longings and issues can be reduced to this basic question – how do I find love?

In this series I will be diving deeply into the thriving heart-field of some of the greatest of the Ecstatics. I will show how their spirit still lives and breathes inside our own hearts, and once this same love inside your own heart is truly touched, it can never leave you. In this modern time of uncertainty and deep change, these are the people we should be listening to most intently – for their message is the clearest and most vital that has ever been.” – Richard Rudd