Welcome to the newly updated GeneKeys.com!

This is a brand new website responding to the feedback of our users, and offering new tools and resources for the Gene Keys community. We are introducing a new style of branding to help direct newcomers to the information they need to begin, and offer our recurring community members enhanced resources for learning, connecting, and contributing to the larger vision of the Gene Keys.


Below are some important changes for our recurring customers:

One Unified Website – Three Areas to Explore

Three websites combine as one for a seamless experience as you travel between three distinct areas of engagement in the Gene Keys Universe – The Teachings Hub (Gene Keys Publishing), and The Community and Philanthropy Hubs (The Gene Keys Society).

Each micro-site is its own world with a specific function and set of resources, yet you only need to sign in once to cross through all three areas of GeneKeys.com. You will see at the bottom of every screen a four-button navigation that enables you to travel quickly between Teachings – Community – Philanthropy & About the Gene Keys. Visitors may travel the site freely without signing in and can view all areas except for the Membership Hub in the Gene Keys Society micro-site.

For our existing customers, whenever you purchase a new book or course from Gene Keys Publishing in the Teachings Hub, or subscribe to membership in the Community Hub of the new Gene Keys Society, be sure to click the “Returning Customers” link to sign in before completing your checkout process. This will ensure all of your resources are found under one login.

Returning Customers Login Instructions

If you have already purchased a digital course from us (such as the Golden Path Program), then you should find that your USER LOGIN name is the same. But we had to change all the PASSWORDS. So we have set your password to be THE SAME AS YOUR USERNAME+64
for example, if your username is: joseph
then your new password is now: joseph64

We have placed orientation videos at various areas of the website to help describe the robust set of features now included on GeneKeys.com. Please be sure to watch these orientations or check out the FAQs. Our customer and member support teams are available for additional questions or needs.

The Teachings Hub contains:

  • The Shop – All products, online courses, audio files
  • The free Hologenetic Profiler
  • Richard Rudd articles and free webinars
  • The Living Library – A free interactive resource to explore the archetypal information of each gene key
  • Access to purchased online courses including The Golden Path

The Community Hub contains:

  • Community Forums
  • Membership Directory
  • Dare to be Divine webinar series
  • Continually evolving features for the Gene Keys community to connect

The Philanthropy Hub contains:

  • Gallery of philanthropic projects completed by the Gene Keys community
  • Non-Profit Donations for Philanthropic Projects
  • Articles and Webinars on Prosperity, Generosity, and Philanthropy

New Pricing Structures & Product Updates

Our returning customers will note several major price changes on Online Courses and products previously offered by Gene Keys Publishing. All of these products are still available, and many have been enhanced. Most of our price changes have been lowered in an effort to share the Gene Keys Wisdom.

Our policy is to make the Gene Keys wisdom as available as we possibly can to all people everywhere. We now operate at a sliding scale with a minimum price payable for each of our products. This is the minimum we need to cover our costs and keep delivering the Gene Keys to the world. We believe that our prices thus represent exceptional value and we hope that in modelling this generosity of spirit, you will respond in kind and give as much as you can so that we can not only survive, but also thrive.

Any product you previously purchased will be automatically added to your account on this new website, and instructions for login have been emailed to you.

The Golden Path (Activation, Venus, and Pearl)

All three Golden Path online courses are now $64 each.

In order to simplify confusion and lower the price for the Venus and Pearl sequence all “Themed” Gene Key Audio files have been removed from the Golden Path program. Now newcomers are encouraged to purchase the audio files specifically for their own Hologenetic Profile. Returning customers will receive coupons to download the audio files they previously paid for.


 The Golden Path – Printed Companion Volumes

We have now released the “Treading the Golden Path” eBook from the original course program into a printed companion volume for an additional purchase. The eBook is still available in its entirety within the online program. This is an added product for those who prefer to read from a physical copy. 

Gene Key Audio Files by Richard Rudd – The 64 Ways

The audio contemplations previously known as “The Transformational Pathways” have been completed and remastered. The Gene Keys Audio files have been rebranded as The 64 Ways, which can be purchased individually or as one audio collection purchase.

Transcripts are no longer available with mp3 purchase, and instead we are creating a beautiful new printed book compiling all 64 Transformational Pathway audio transcripts. Gene Keys 23, 49, and 52 are all still available for download. Some of the Gene Keys audio files have been enhanced and re-recorded, and all of the missing audio files have been completed and added to the list.

Upgrading the Golden Path Online Course

The original course materials (eBook, Webinars with Transcripts, and Step Guides) have been formatted into a new, easier to navigate, system. Now each course page is designed as a step by step guide to your profile, even embedding your unique Gene Keys directly into the page for easier contemplation. The new interactive hologenetic profile is embedded directly into the online program, helping you apply the wisdom of the Golden Path directly to your own profile.
You can find out more how to use the new system and download more resources on the free Introduction to the Golden Path page.

The themed gene key audio files are no longer included in the online program to help cut down cost. Now all 64 audio files are available on the 64 Ways page, so you can purchase the gene keys directly related to your hologenetic profile. We have also provided an index of the original “themed gene keys” in order on the Golden Path as optional recommended resources.

The Activation Sequence includes 4 Extra Video Transmissions by Richard Rudd on each of the Prime Gifts, as well as unique written commentaries based on your Hologenetic Paragraph.

The Seven Sacred Seals

The Seven Sacred Seals was our first experiment with a “name your price” structure. Originally set at $333, Gene Keys Publishing released a promotional campaign opening the program for a sliding scale. We have implemented a new minimum price of $150 and continue to invite those who find great value and can give generously for the suggested price of $333.

Like all of our online products, all returning customers will retain access to the Seven Sacred Seals and all of the materials.


The Epiphany Experience

The Epiphany Experience has also lowered the minimum price for purchase to $48. The navigation interface has been upgraded to explore included media in a step-by-step way.


Accessing My Courses

Any courses you previously purchased on genekeys.com have been transferred to your account on this new updated website. You should have received an email with instructions for your new password.
Once logged in simply click “Access my Courses” to find links to the Online Programs.

You can also view “My Hologenetic Profile” to save your unique profile to your account for interactive functions with the Golden Path and Living Library

The Account Details page will hold all of your data, downloads, and order history. Please note that purchases and billing details are handled through Paypal secured network.

Please note the Dare to be Divine series is only available to Gene Keys Society Members. Learn more and join the society for exclusive access to new videos by Richard Rudd.

Free Webinars and Resources

All of the free webinars previously hosted by Richard Rudd, as well as new articles and resources. have been collected into two areas of the site. Explore the Richard Rudd page for articles and videos by the author and founder of the Gene Keys. Or you can view the entire library of articles, helpful charts, and media available in the Free Resources page.

The Living Library

We are excited to announce this special new feature for genekeys.com. The Living Library was originally created by the OneDoorLand team for genekeys(dot)net, and is now offered as apart of our new unified website as a FREE resource library. This vast archive details important information from the Synthesis, offering information on each of the 64 archetypes from different perspectives to enhance your contemplation.


Each Gene Key also has its own forum where Gene Keys Society Members can participate actively. With input from and the blessing of its co-creators in the original genekeys(dot)net team, the Living Library has been upgraded. As a result, the Gene Keys Society is now able to offer all Members an opportunity to ask questions, share insights, and contribute creative contemplations tagged by Gene Key. By collecting the wisdom of myriad perspectives, together we can awaken and in turn imbue fresh life into a more holistic awareness of the energy embodied in each Gene Key and how this manifests in daily living across the globe.

The Gene Keys Society and Community Tools

With this new website comes the launch of the Gene Keys Society!

The Community section of this website is where members of our Gene Keys global collective can sign up as Society Members, gain access to social networking tools and exclusive resources, and engage with an emerging vision of the Society we want to co-create and inhabit.

Membership provides: a Private Member Directory and Global Map; a private social network with your own social profile and the ability to message others; Discussion Forums including areas to focus on specific Gene Keys or Courses, and access immediately on release to Richard Rudd’s new and exclusive video series “Dare to be Divine”.

Click here to learn more about all the amazing tools and resources now available to our global community.

Affiliates, Creators, Local Groups, Ambassadors

We have temporarily closed down submissions for our original Affiliate program. We are currently developing a very coherent, clean, and integral way to empower and inform those in our community eager to share the Gene Keys to a wider audience, or implement the Gene Keys wisdom in their products and events. You can sign up on the Gene Keys Society Ambassadors page for more information


We will also be creating resources for local area groups, to empower local in-person community in addition to online discussion groups. Explore the Gene Keys Society Guilds page to sign up for more information.