The Venus Sequence


Opening Your Heart in Relationships

Part 2 of The Golden Path Program

This online program is a step-by-step guide through your Hologenetic Profile. Part 2 is the path of courageous emotional opening through relationships. It is a journey that expands your heart through the correct aligning of your attractor field and the gradual release of your defence patterns. Catalysing a gentle emotional cascade in your life, the Venus Sequence supports you to let go of the pain of separation and invites you to master the great art of returning non-love with love.

You will get access to these digital resources:

  • Step by Step Contemplative Guide
  • 10 webinars and transcriptions, with optional .mp3 downloads for offline study
  • The Venus Sequence eBook
  • Interactive Hologenetic Profile for exploring the Venus Sequence

It is recommended to complete Part 1: The Activation Sequence before beginning this online course. Learn more



For those who would prefer to read material in print, Gene Keys Publishing now provides a companion volume of The Gene Keys Golden Path books on amazon – *link*