Golden Path Program Special Offer (reduced price until end 2017)


Discovering your Genius, Opening Your Heart in Relationships & Liberating Prosperity through Simplicity

Parts 1, 2 & 3 of The Golden Path Program

This online program is a step-by-step guide through your Hologenetic Profile.

Part 1 (Activation Sequence) highlights your four Prime Gifts, the cornerstones of your life, representing the mythic themes and challenges of your global role in this lifetime. The path through your Prime Gifts supports you to fulfil your life’s Purpose while remaining deeply grounded in the Core Stability of your physical body.

Part 2 (Venus Sequence) is the path of courageous emotional opening through relationships. It is a journey that expands your heart through the correct aligning of your attractor field and the gradual release of your defence patterns. Catalysing a gentle emotional cascade in your life, the Venus Sequence supports you to let go of the pain of separation and invites you to master the great art of returning non-love with love.

Part 3 (Pearl Sequence) describes the stage of genuine exchange with the universe, of giving and receiving your deepest gifts in synchronicity with the greater whole. This path guides you towards true prosperity by helping you to find your Core Vocation. It supports you in finding the highest possible form of service you can offer to the world, through your inherent gifts.

You will get access to these digital resources:

  • Step by Step Contemplative Guide
  • 26 webinars and transcriptions, with optional .mp3 downloads for offline study
  • The Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence and Pearl Sequence eBooks
  • Interactive Hologenetic Profile for exploring the whole Golden Path


For those who would prefer to read material in print, Gene Keys Publishing now provides a companion volume of The Gene Keys Golden Path books on amazon.