The Gene Keys Golden Path

Step By Step Guide to Your Hologenetic Profile

Step 1

Watch The Golden Path Introduction Webinar

Read the Introduction to the Gene Keys Golden Path

Listen to “The Art of Contemplation” by Richard Rudd

When you feel complete with each section, follow the step by step navigation at the bottom of the screen.


The Golden Path Course Material

The Gene Keys Golden Path consists primarily of Video Webinars and Reading Chapters from the Golden Path eBook included in this Online Program. This Course Material is now available in a Printed Form (additional purchase) for those who prefer not to read on screen. Each page in this online course will direct you to read the next chapter of the material, guiding you step by step through the process. 

Begin here by reading the Introductory Chapter of The Gene Keys Golden Path

How do I navigate the Golden Path Program?

Orientation Video for Online or Offline Study

This video introduces you to the mechanics of our online programs. The Golden Path provides a step by step process to engage with the wisdom of the Gene Keys. Watch this Orientation to learn more about the Golden Path Program and how to engage these resources online or offline.

This video will be updated soon to provide an orientation tour to how to use the new Online Golden Path Program

The Art of Contemplation

The great potential of the Gene Keys as a teaching is to awaken a powerful new creative impulse inside you, and as you follow this impulse you begin to witness the emergence of your genius.


The central technique that makes this possible is Contemplation. Contemplation is something of a forgotten spiritual path. Unlike meditation, it does not completely bypass the mind, rather it uses the mind in a playful way to open new inner pathways inside your brain and body. It is through sustained gentle contemplation on the Gene Keys that we can affect subtle changes in our biochemistry.