Romania ~ May 12-14th 2017

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for the weekend event in Romania “The Purpose of Life is to Love”


Victoria BC, Canada ~ July 28th 2017


Following this one day event with Richard Rudd is a special Gene Keys Society gathering at the same venue. Click here for more info

The 64 Names of Love

Embodying an Ecstatic life with the Gene Keys

A day of magic, mystery and meditation with Richard Rudd

Over the course of this day, Richard will introduce us to the realm of the Ecstatics –

any brave, rebellious soul who has placed Love above all else in their life.


Below are some of the subjects we will contemplate together:


The 64 Siddhis – the Names of Love – What is your true name?

Is yours the Path of Love or the Path of Meditation?

The golden future of humanity – the ending of the Kali Yuga

The Holiness of mistakes

Conscious Relationships – the fastest route to enlightenment

The Quiet Revolution – How to become a modern Ecstatic


This day is an invitation to anyone who feels ready to use as a turning point in their life, and to make the daring commitment to place Love above all else.